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There are four services available for those that want to restore their hair to the way it was during their youth:


Hair Cloning I:  Profuse Follicular Duplication System (PFDS™) Growth Factor Infusion™ (GFI™)

This system requires absolutely no surgery.  It uses your own follicles and stimulates the body to replicate them from your hairline inwards,  This system is systematically done and will restore your hair as it was as a young adult on a permanent basis.


Hair Cloning II Profuse Follicular Duplication System™ (PFDS™)

While this is similar to the cloning above, it is a slower but effective process in hair restoration, without surgery, on a permanent basis.



Micrografts with the Profuse Follicular Duplication System™ (PFDS™) & Growth Factor Infusion™  (GFI™)

This has all the benefits of Micrografting.  However, the use of PFDS™ and GFI™ will speed up the growth and thickness of the transplanted micrografts to give you that fuller, thicker look desired.



Using our state of the art European-developed techniques, we will transplant micrografts from a donor area to the area on your head that is balding, or needs more hair.