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Yes, it has finally happened.  Medical technology has advanced to the point where it is possible to make your body regenerate Your Own Hair.  Innovative Medical Discoveries (IMD) has developed a procedure, using all FDA-approved materials, that triggers you own body into re-growing you original, natural hair.
  • There is no need for surgery.  The procedure requires a series of strategically placed injections in the the scalp where stimulation for more hair growth is needed .

  • Both men and women can benefit equally well.

  • Your hair re-grows as the "adult" hair you possessed in your youth - the same color and thickness.

  • The new re-grown hair is permanent - it is your genuine hair.

  • There are no medication side-effects.

Several Months Later

The new hair starts growing immediately and over the course of a few months, your hair will be returned with the same vigor, thickness, and strength as when you were young.  The IMD procedure will do just that for you.  Our formulations stimulate your body to activate cellular DNA memory sending signals to your hair and tissues for re-growth. (see the "How it Works" section for details).

Take advantage of this incredible new technology and call us about getting back what was once yours!

NON-SURGICAL Regeneration Results

The patient below received injections of our PFDS™ and GFI™ formulations.  No transplants were done.  The results are from his body's regeneration of his own, natural, permanent hair.  His treatment continued for several more months past the photos shown until he returned to having a full, thick head of hair.