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The human body has the ability to repair itself to an amazing degree.  The proprietary Profuse Follicular Duplication System™ (PFDS™) and the Growth Factor Infusion™ (GFI™) formulations, combined with our advanced Protocol for proper delivery into the body, harness the body's own regeneration abilities to restore your scalp to when you were a young adult.


You body has an estimated 1,100 or more proteins, hormones, white cells, stem cells, and platelets that are all there to work together to repair the body.  However, they are generally found in low concentrations throughout your body and sit quietly in the background waiting for injury.  Once there is an injury, the body concentrates them in the damaged tissues to begin repair.


The problem is that, under normal circumstances, the human body does NOT repair the effects of aging and other slow processes - like hair loss.  Because they happen slowly over time, the body ignores these changes.


Our formulations trigger the body into action.  The combination of our formulations and the Protocol trigger the body into restoring the areas into which we deliver them, inducing hairs to multiply and the skin to be rejuvenated into a more youthful state.



Features & Benefits:

  • PFDS™ & GFI™ stimulate the body to naturally create additional hair from existing hair next to the target area and also from transplanted seed-hairs (if a transplant procedure is also done).

  • The PFDS™ & GFI™ protocol triggers the body into a natural regeneration mode that seeks to restore the target area to the way is was a a young adult.

  • PFDS™ & GFI™ provide "basement" material that promotes rapid healing and hair growth.

  • Multiple collagen types and essential growth proteins are included to support natural tissue healing and restoration.

  • The Protocol remodels and restores the site effectively to normal state and function as when you where a young adult.

  • Scarring during transplants (if done) is dramatically reduced and often eliminated entirely.



PFDS™ & GFI™ are used during regenerative hair regrowth and replacement for four purposes:

  1. Initiate the body's creation of new hair follicles;

  2. Prevent scarring at both the donor and recipient sites when transplantation is done;

  3. Improve follicle transfer success rate during transplantation; and

  4. Support stronger, thicker, faster hair growth of existing hair.


Rx:  Available by prescription only